We'll be on our way later this morning - finally!  We are grateful to so many people...
  • my Mom for allowing this 3-month invasion of her condo and for being so good to us
  • Vivian for the other invasion - filling a corner of her basement with the goods we couldn't ship
  • the people at Cross View Lutheran Church, Capernaum Pediatrics, and Chaska School District for their fond and sincere farewells
  • the kids and staff at St. John's Lutheran School in Chaska for the warm send-offs for our kids on Wednesday
  • our immediate and extended families who have encouraged and supported us in this transition, while knowing that accomplishing it means being sent a long, long ways away from them
  • our good friends who we will miss dearly (the Maroses, being one example from a list too long to show here)
  • friends and family members who made extra efforts to visit us in recent months, or to graciously host and entertain us
  • the many, many people who have so frequently offered prayers on our behalf as we've navigated the Australian visa application process these last 5 months
  • our new friends and colleagues in Western Australia who have already demonstrated support and a warm welcome before we've even arrived
  • and to God who provides for every need.
We will do our best to keep in touch.  We'll try to get everyone in the family blogging on the site here from time to time, but we also look forward to hearing your stories, too. (email us, Skype us, or visit us!)

We'll land in Perth at 5:10 am Minneapolis time on Monday and will try to send word of our arrival during the day if possible.