(first in a series - written by Dane but typed as is by Dad)
Preparing for our trip we packed 10 suitcases, 5 carryons, and 5 peronal bages.  The suitcases they had to weigh less then 50 pounds.  We loaded it all in Mike's CRV and Mr. Marose's van.  Then we headed off to the airport.

At the airport we checked our baggage in. Then we went through security and there was no lines.  Out on the concourse we saw the plane's.  I was so excited.

While we were waiting we saw two 747's and plane's coming and going.  There were a lot of eating places and shops.  We had fun in the Creative Kids store.  In the store we saw planes that you could squeeze or push a button and it would sound like an airplane taking off.

When we left for San Francisco it was my birthday.  It was snowing.

On the flight to San Francisco I got to sit by the window.  My whole family got three rows.  Rows 39, 40 and 41.  My Mom had to sit by herself in row 41.  Peter and Karl sat in row 40 and my Dad and Me sat in row 39.

When we took off it was cool it felt like I was floating in the air.  It felt cool when the plan tilted back about to take off.

After a little bit we looked out the window and saw lots of now on the ground.  A little bit later we saw lots of mountains in Wyoming and Utah.  We saw the great salt lake.

After we got off the plane we walked around the airport.  My Dad took a picture of us in San Francisco, CA.  Then we ate at a good restaurant and had a big salad and half a pizza.  Then we went to a concourse and sat for awhile for our flight to New Zealand.
(more to come another day)