Boys at Warnbro BeachApologies for being slow with news on the website and in replying to emails.  We're still waiting for an internet connection at home.  Telstra (phone company) assigned us a landline phone number which we used for a couple of days until Telstra decided to assign the same number to someone else.  Until that's sorted out this week we can't get internet set up.  We're very anxious to have this done so we can get caught up on a long list of overdue emails and start Skyping (internet phone).

On the left is a photo of the boys at the beach on Warnbro Sound.  This is the beach that's directly west of our house about 0.7 miles.  We've been there a few times now, and they walked there once from the house with Lanette.

Lanette and I finally had our visas approved this week.  Lanette will take the boys into downtown Perth (the “CBD” or Central Business District as they refer to the downtowns here) on Monday for their visa-required medical exams.  Once those are processed, the boys will be able to attend school.  In the meantime, Lanette and the boys have been spending their days getting business done (banking, licensing, etc.), doing tons of shopping, and hitting the beaches.  Peter, Karl, and Dane are loving the beach scene, but it's Autumn here so it's only warm enough to go knee-deep into the water and not much more at the very empty beaches.

With our visas approved, our shipping container was finally released to start the customs clearing process which may take 10 to 20 business days.  So the home furnishings are a bit sparse though some people from the college brought in beds, a dining table and chairs, a few lounge chairs from the college's staff room, television, refrigerator, and some basic kitchen items.

After borrowing a staff member's car for about 10 days, we moved on to a rental car.  Yesterday we made our first trip into the big city of Perth (45 minute drive) to shop for a car.  We put money down on a used Hyundai Trajet (like a mini-van), and will pick it up when we figure out the financing.  Cars don't rust here, so the used ones hold their value (and their bodies) much longer than we're used to in Minnesota.  We're seeing tons of 20-year old little Ford Festivas running around here. (Some might remember my red '87 Festiva).  We also made a stop at the new IKEA in Perth and at King's Park for scenic views of the city.

Check the website for a few new sets of photos in the Photo Gallery from some of our excursions to the beaches and into Perth.  Also, see Peter's Blog where he's drawn a floorplan of the house were renting.  And we've got more stuff we all want to post, but it may have to wait until we get the internet connection at the house.