(Karl’s not too keen on writing in his blog, so Dad is posting this item for him.)

Karl’s Year 5 class held their “Dancesport Concert” on the 10th of September.  Their performance was the culmination of dancing lessons that began during Term 1.  Since Karl wasn’t in school at Living Waters then, he had some catching up to do – but did great!

It was a big evening.  Kids came all dressed up.  Parents bought tickets for the limited seating.  The middle of the chapel was cleared for large dance floor and seats for the audience were placed on the perimeter.  A special lighting system was setup.

The evening’s program consisted of an amazing variety of dance styles that the kids mastered – all done to music Americans would easily recognise (nothing uniquely Australian)…

  • Line Dances (Electric Slide, Hip Hop Dance)
  • Couple Dances (Cha Cha Cha, Salsa)
  • Progressive Dances (Heel-Toe Polka, Game, Progressive Jive)
  • Slow Rhythm
  • Square Rumba
  • Boot Scooting

After the finale, the kids invited parents to join them on the floor to do the finale one more time with them.  Lanette jumped for the opportunity while Tim preferred to just take the pictures.