Thanks to a great moving crew, we had an efficient final surge on Saturday to move our furniture and appliances to our new rental house.  We had 9 friends from the college and church show up with 2 trailers and 2 "utes".  Along with our van emptied of seats and also a station wagon, we fit just about everything in in one trip.  The rain stayed away when needed.  Now we just need to spend part of our Sunday afternoon at the former house to do a final cleanup.

Moving dayThe crew even helped put beds and bunks together, and were in no hurry to leave until there was nothing for them to do.  The bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and back family room look rather settled.  Meanwhile, the front family room and the office have become a temporary depot for unpacked boxes, though there really aren't that many since we moved a lot of small stuff over during the week.

We do have Internet working in the house now, so last night I was watching live coverage from Houston of Hurricane Ike.

One of my highlights of the day was my chance to drive a real Aussie "ute" for the first time.  Ute is short for "utility" (read and see more about utes here).  Utes are Australian icons going back over 50 years to their early very functional use in the bush.  They are a mix between an El Camino and small pickup, with the latest models being very sleek and flashy (not like the one pictured here).  If I look down the typical neighbourhood street, it seems like 1/4 of the households have one in the yard, and I mean "in the yard" as it's common practice to just park on the lawn.  This ute had a manual transmission (shifting with the left hand wasn't too hard) and duel fuel (you switch between LP Gas at $0.65 per litre, or petrol at $1.42 per litre).