Not sure where Peter's going to sleep tonight.

While Peter was preparing to bed down for the night, a huntsman spider was just beginning his evening prowl perched upon the wall.

huntsman spider

Before prematurely ending it's "hunt for man", I wanted him to pose beside a tennis ball for comparison.  This would be considered a medium sized huntsman.  After taking the photo, I later read that huntsman are extremely fast when moving sideways!

Apparently, they are relatively harmless.  They have big fangs and will give a painful bite but not highly toxic like some of the other Australian spiders.  They're considered shy and prefer to run away if given a chance.  I didn't give this one a chance.


"These large spiders move very quickly, they are hairy with long legs. They often shock people who are not from Australia, as Australia has a reputation for dangerous creatures. Due to their size and speed, they do manage to intimidate a lot of people. I once heard an Australian comedian mention his fear of spiders, he mentioned that he knows the Huntsman spiders are not dangerous, but how could we not be scared of them when they have been given the name Hunts... Man....!"

People have told us that some Aussies will just pick these guys up by the hand and carry them outside.  They will eat other more venoumous spiders like the "red back" we found in our last house. (see old blog post: This little bitie now dead as a dodo)