On our first day of the two-week holiday following the end of Term 3, we went to the annual Perth Royal Show. 

We rode the trains to the showgrounds in the west Perth suburb of Claremont.  With one change of trains in downtown Perth, we were dropped right at the gate to the showgrounds for a round trip fare of only $8.40 for the whole family.

Perth Royal ShowThis was very much like our experiences at the state fairs back in the US.  We saw lots of horses and farm animals, cats and dogs, baby animals, lumberjack competitions, big trucks performing, chinese acrobatics, amusement rides, etc.  New to us were the sheep shearing competitions (which we really enjoyed) and "showbags" among a few other things.

We still don't quite understand the Australian showbag craze.  There were booths all over the showgrounds selling dozens of different showbags for $6 to $20.  I think the best term from the US to name them would be "sample bags".  Our kids bought a "Skittles" showbag for $12 which included 3 Mars bars, 2 large Skittles packs, 4 snack-size Skittles packs, and a few other things.  We say many, many families carrying several bags for each of their kids.  Apparently kids save up all year to buy showbags and ride the rides.

The boys rode one amusement ride called the Gee Whiz (like a Tilt-a-Whirl).  Rides cost $8 to $10 each!

All in all, we really had a great time at our first Royal Show.