The MCGAs one of our Living Waters staff members told me at the Australian Conference on Lutheran Education, which was being held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), for 800 of the 815 attendees, holding the conference at the MCG was like dying and going to heaven.  I'm thinking I was one of those 15, but as a sports nut, I clearly was sensing the importance of roaming this significant venue for 3 days.

The MCG is often referred to as the "Spiritual Home of Australian Sport".  It seats about 100,000 people and is listed as the 8th largest stadium in the world.  It has hosted some of the most important cricket matches in history.  It is on the grounds where the first ever Australian rules football match was played, and the Grand Final (like Super Bowl) is played there each year.  It has hosted the 1956 Olympics, major concerts, Billy Graham, significant rugby and soccer matches, etc.

Our conference met in rooms that nearly all overlooked the field from the club level - even the very large hall that hosted plenary events had a full glass wall looking out over the stadium.  As I gave my presentation in another room, I looked out over my audience through the glass and down to the field.  For lunch and tea times, we filled our plates and then sat in the stands overlooking the field talked about the history of sport at the "G".

MCG panorama