We're still on school holidays here in WA, so Lanette and I went golfing this afternoon.  She hadn't golfed in the last 11 years, but had bought a round of golf for me as a birthday gift.  I hadn't golfed for over a year.  It was a beautiful spring day with a top of 27°C (80°F) and blue skies.

We went to the Rockingham Golf Club just 10 minutes from our house and played among the kangaroos.  On the first hole, Lanette counted 22 kangaroos watching her from 20-30 yards away (see photo below).  She found out that the kangaroos don't flinch if you hit a golf ball within a foot of their head.  Clearly, they're used to golfers as they just hung out and watched.

No need to report our scores as both of us were out of practise and just playing for fun.  I'll blame some of my difficulties on the fact that the courses here are measured out in meters making it difficult to know the exact distance to hit (which doesn't explain the poor putts!).

Lanette golfing
Tim golfing