We've been using every extra minute of the day to prepare for the shipping of some of our furnishings and belongings to Australia. The packers came today and we were ready for them, but very exhausted!  With most of the packing done today, tomorrow (Friday) they will load the 20-foot shipping container and then it will be on its way for a 45-60 day journey by truck, rail, ship, and then truck again.  I'm tired and have caught a cold, so I had some much needed "couch" time tonight during which I was finally able to add some content to this website.  I added some photos and videos from the last two weeks of some very wonderful family time on the farm in Illinois and then here in Minnesota.

We've had such a perfect winter so far (at least, IMHO).  Just a few days above freezing since late November (perfect!) and lots of snow cover on the ground (perfect, again!). The kids will really miss the snow and the great backyard hill we've had for sledding.  While the temp was in the teens and twenties (°F) during the week of Christmas, it was 111°F in our future home of Perth.  The nearly 100 degree swing is almost incomprehensible!

Still waiting for word on the progress of the visa application and how long we'll have to wait for it.