There actually is good news to share on the visa process.  On my side of the water, I need to be preparing the attachments that go along with my application which will be sent in once we get word that the sponsor's app is accepted.  Today we received our FBI background checks (no arrest record - whew!).  When we requested these about 2 weeks ago we were warned that sometimes they take 12-16 weeks.  We also received an extra copy of our marriage license today that we had been waiting for.

The good news continued today as I also received my new mobile SIM chip, so my Australian mobile number will be 04 0524 3813 (won't be activated until we hit Sydney).  And I'm excited that my new camera will arrive here on Wednesday.

Yes, the good news is countered with the slow pace of the sponsor application approval.  But the deputy principal at Living Waters informed me that he faxed in copies of the originals, so hopefully that process will be jump started again.   We are waiting patiently, though a bit of anxiety persists.