With our temporary move to my mom's condo in Eden Prairie, we are now 3.3 miles closer to our final destination.  At our house, we were 10,642.5 miles (17,127.44 km) away from our new place in Warnbro WA.  With the move across town, the distance is now just 10,639.2 miles.  We'll celebrate any progress made at this point!

Some people have commented that we must be moving "halfway around the world."  I finally checked this with Google Earth.  Halfway around the world from Eden Prairie, MN, would be  44°49' S Latitude and  93°24' E Longitude, or 12,099.2 miles from our home.  That's to a point in the southern Indian Ocean between Antarctica, Australia and France's Kerguelen Island (see snapshot from Google Earth below).  Warnbro will still be 1,456.7 miles from being halfway around the world.  Instead of a 180° trip around the world, it's only 158.3°.  [With the sale of the house complete, I must have too much time on my hands to have bothered posting this nonsense!]

Point at center is halfway around the world from Eden Prairie, MN.