At Christmas, we thought we'd be here only a few more weeks, but now it's Easter. We're glad to be around family and friends for the Easter celebrations, but as you can see from our Easter eggs (photo), our thoughts at times are about 10,460 miles away.


The latest news is no news really. On 17 March, we received an acknowledgment that our visa application packet had been received in Perth. The immigration people have a policy to not offer updates on the progress of an application, so all we can do is wait.  The hints we've had suggest approval between now and the end of April. We think it would take us up to 2 weeks to make our final departure arrangements and be on our way.  The second school term begins over there on 28 April.

Our shipping container arrived in Perth's port of Fremantle this week.  Without our visa details, it can't clear customs. It's being held in storage in the meantime. Since it hasn't actually arrived at the house, I think we're still in the race to beat our stuff.