Reprising the role I last played in 8th grade as the Tin Man, this photo depicts the scene today as we received word from the Wizard of Oz (our Aussie immigration case manager) that we indeed can book our flights for leaving for Australia on Saturday, 26 April.  Just as in the classic motion picture, we eliminated the wicked witch and her flying monkeys and today returned with her broom thereby completing all of the criteria set forth by the Wizard for obtaining a work visa.  Hopefully, this more recent 3-month drama of waiting for visa approval won't leave us with a lifetime of nightmares as the 1939 version did for some of us.

On Thursday we will book the airfare that we've had on hold with our travel agent.  Departure will be Saturday afternoon on the 26th.  Thirty-nine hours later we will land in Perth at about 6 PM on Monday (with layovers in San Francisco and Auckland, New Zealand). 

More details to come.