We've had a poll on the website for the past 4 months asking "Which will arrive first... the Schumachers, their stuff, or both will arrive on the same day?"  See the final results here.

So, who was right?  Well, it depends.  For those who suggested that our stuff would arrive first, you can count yourselves victors since our shipping container has been sitting in port at Fremantle/Perth for almost a month now.

However, those who guessed that our family would arrive first could argue their case as well now.  When we arrive at our house on 28 April, our stuff still will not be there.  It's still in port and will be in port for 3 to 4 more weeks while it waits to clear customs.

Yep! Everybody wins!... Oh, except for that one person who thought we might arrive on the same day as our stuff. (we won't tell who it was!)