sydneyfireworks2009We've had our New Years celebration and have been to bed, and now North America can celebrate in a few hours.  We had a number of church friends over to the house for a game night.  At midnight we walked to the beach and watched fireworks towards the north up the beach from Rockingham's foreshore (about 9 km away) and towards the south down the beach at Mandurah (about 20 km).

We taped the celebration from Sydney on TV and watched the fireworks when we got back to the house.  Simply amazing!  They launched 100,000 fireworks from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and 7 barges with 1.5 million people watching from the harbour foreshore.  The photos here are incredible. The news video edited the 20 minute show down to about 2 1/2 minutes, so it's not quite so stunning.  We're now wishing we could be in Sydney someday to watch the fireworks live.