Map of SW WAWe've returned from our January summer holiday tour of soutwestern Western Australia.  We camped for 7 days at Peaceful Bay with our friends, the Fulwoods.

We'll be posting more to the web site here including photos and blogs from the kids.  You can get a quick tour of where we went by clicking here to interact with a Google Map it in it's own window).

Be sure to click on the blue placemarkers to see popup windows with some text and photos of the places.  Zoom in and out using the plus-minus scale on the left.  To see places in the general order we saw them, just click on each of the blue placemarkers going down the list in the left margin (use the scroll bar to see the whole length of the list).  These photos won't have too many pictures of family as I'd rather not post many of those to be viewed by the public in Google Maps.  Look for more photos soon in the photo galleries on this web site.

If you are comfortable using the application Google Earth, you can download this file which will allow you to view the same map and photos in Google Earth.