temp differenceWhile friends and family back home in Minnesota and Illinois are shivering at -20°F, we're BBQ-ing outside and scrambling to keep the grass from burning up.  Our "bore reticulation" (or, "retic" or in-ground sprinkler system fed by our well) has been broken for the past month and our property manager has been slow to respond, so we've had to keep the grass watered the old-fashioned way on the 3 days a week allowed.  There have been some bush fires in and near the Perth metropolitan area, including one rather serious one today that started in our cherished KIngs Park in the middle of the city of Perth.

We had a top of 41.2°C (106°F) today officially in Perth after a top of 39.5°C (103°F) yesterday.  But don't feel bad for us as we're not suffering from this dry heat.  At the peak of the heat today, the relative humidity was only 15%.  Our house is staying very comfortable with our evaporative cooler (like a swamp cooler in the US), and we don't even run it all day and not at night.

Yesterday we all went to a big cricket match at the WACA in Perth... Western Australia v. Queensland in a short "20Twenty" one day match (lasts less than 3 hours).  At the 6:15 pm game time it was still over 100°F and we were sitting in full sun for the first 45 minutes, but it really turned out to be a really beautiful evening sitting outside.

It cools nicely in the evening as it's down to 28°C (84°F) as I write at 8:30pm, heading down to 18°C (64°F) over night.

Meanwhile, we've seen in the news about temperatures around -20°F in Minnesota and Illinois.  Apparently it hasn't been above 0°F in Minneapolis since Sunday (it's early Friday there as I write).