Southern CrossI came across this inspiring poem by the late Dr. Kurt Marquart, former LCMS theologian and professor at Concordia Seminary - Fort Wayne, Indiana, written in 1959 for a seminary classmate of his who was at the time being asked to consider a call to Australia.  The classmate did not take the call, but two years later, Dr. Marquart did come to Australia himself.  The complete poem was recently posted on the web site  Here's a sample from the poem "The Call of the Southern Cross":

We have here no abiding city,

Nought chains our souls to transient earth;

God’s heaven is ours by His pity,

Our home, our pearl of priceless worth.

What matter, where our ways be wending,

‘neath Southern Cross or Northern Lights?

Our parted pilgrim’s paths are tending

To but one Zion’s sacred Heights!


Dr. Marquart understood from his own personal experiences that we have no "abiding city" if we accept that ultimately heaven is our home.  He was born in Estonia, displaced with his family during World War II to Austria and afterwards to camps in northern Germany, and then emigrated to New York.  After serving two years as a pastor in Texas, he spent from 1961 to 1975 as a pastor in Queensland, Australia.  A brief biography of his life and work can be found on the Concordia - Fort Wayne web site.


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