The barbie (Australian for "BBQ") is at the centre of the Australian national psyche, as acknowledged by this news story from the BBC.  An excerpt here:

"The barbecue, or barbie, gives people the chance to chew upon a sausage (a "snag"), drink a few beers ("blow the froth off a couple of cold ones") which usually come in ice-cold bottles ("stubbies"), which are stored in a refrigerated ice-box (an "esky"). People normally arrive wearing their flip-flops (their "thongs"), while a beachside barbie might even see a few pairs of swimming trunks ("budgie-smugglers")."

You'll hear similar sentiments in the tune "Aussie BBQ" recorded by the Aussie Bush Band:

We had put off a purchase of a barbie upon arrival here.  The plan was to use some Christmas money to acquire this item, and thus, confirm our residency in Australia as official.  Early in December, however, we were fortunate to receive a used barbie from a departing staff member.

Although Australia Day celebrations (tomorrow - 26th January) typically involve lamb chops on the barbie, the sausage is the everyman's common barbie fare.  We have "sausage sizzles" at nearly every community function it seems, from school activities to baseball team parties to funeral luncheons at church.  And, as a family, we're really liking it and do plenty of our own at home.