Perth's Australia Day FireworksSo we celebrated Australia Day.  Not sure if we, as temporary residents, were supposed to do that, or if it says anything about our loyalty to America.  Australia Day marks the landing of the first white settlers in Sydney on 26 January 1788, but is also known by some Aboriginals as "Invasion Day".

We fired up the barbie at noon at home and then headed up to Perth to the foreshore of the Swan River opposite the downtown skyline.  The kids (just Karl and Dane, as Peter was doing an overnight with friends) had a great time in the rides and attractions at the Kid's Area.  We had a picnic supper while waiting for the fireworks show.  The fireworks were simply incredible - a 28-minute show by our unofficial count, set to music played on the radio.  Lanette thought it was the best fireworks she's ever seen.  All very much like a typical American 4th of July celebration.  One thing Lanette and I noted was we saw far more Aussies wearing and showing their flag than we recall Americans doing it on the 4th.

Australia Day picnic in Perth