The summer holiday is over (although we have two more months of hot weather to come).  Today (Monday) was the first day of the new school year.  While you were watching the Super Bowl, we were settling in for the first class period of the day.  Actually, to be honest, I was right there with you keeping an eye on the game from my computer while working at my desk.

I've been used to a daily attire of shorts and barefeet or sandals, so I did not enjoy having to put the long pants and dress shoes on today.  We had a humid top of 38.4C (about 101F) today, so the shorts went back on immediately after my walk home.

We forgot to do our traditional photo of the kids (in their school uniforms) on their first day back.  It's been a year and half since they've experienced a true first day of school.  We'll try to remember to take a photo tomorrow and then post it to the web along with more news about their first days.

My role has changed a little for this year.  Last year I taught information technology (IT) to pre-primaries (kindergarten in the US) through Year 9, and Christian Studies to Years 11 and 12.  This year I've taken on a leadership role as "Head of Learning Area, K-12 Technology" (or, HOLA).  In Western Australia, the "Technology" learning area includes home ec, wood/metal shop, and computers.  Most of our HOLAs are responsible for a learning area within just one of our subschools (eg, Middle School), but my role keeps me plugged into all year levels.  Something had to be dropped from my teaching duties to make this happen, so I've dropped the junior school IT classes (but will be mentoring my replacement).  That means, my IT teaching is only in the Middle School (Years 6-9).  I'm still teaching the Years 11 and 12 Christian studies classes.  Below here I've posted my weekly timetable.  "DOTT" is "duties other than teaching".  Normal class periods are 50 minutes, but you'll see that all of my IT classes are 100-minute double periods that meet only once per week.