It's a new thing for us to live in a place that has a rainy season and a dry season.  And right now - the middle of summer - this is what dry is.  According to the chart below, we can expect one day a month in January and another one in February where it rains more than a millimetre.  Well, we're not even getting that.  This past January, they recorded one rainfall of 0.2 mm on the 13th.  We topped that with a 0.4 mm rainfall last Sunday (1st February), giving us a grand total of just over a half of a millimetre this calendar year (two-tenths of an inch).



The BBC News in the UK had a story today about Perth leading the world in desalination technology - largely out of desperation.  Desalination is the process of making salty ocean water drinkable. The first desalination plant in the southern hemisphere was built in Kwinana (right next to Rockingham) just a few years ago.

By the way - we think we have great tasting drinking water in our house.