boys day 1 LWLC 2009Tomorrow morning we begin Week 4 of the ten-week first term of the 2009 school year.  It's been a blur for me as I've been blown over by a number of tasks and deadlines.  (If you've sent me an email in the last month and I haven't replied... now you know!)

So, finally, I'm posting photos from the first week of school.  Our blokes had six weeks of not wearing school uniforms over the summer/Christmas holidays - but didn't complain too much about having to don them again.

bikes day 1 LWLC 2009Peter is now in Year 10.  The way his courses are shaping it, it looks like he will have some good challenges this year.  He's taking Japanese for the first time and is working hard to catch up with other students (all K-12 classes get some Japanese at LWLC).  He's soaking up heaps of new learnings in all his classes.

Karl has moved into Year 6 and the Middle School at Living Waters.  He's enthused about the teacher he has and that his good mate is in the same class this year.

Dane is now in Year 4 and thinks his new teacher is very funny.  He's learning how to get along at recess/lunch without Karl around - but doing well.

With Lanette heading off to work early in the morning three days a week, the boys have to be a little more independent.  They do enjoy the freedom of getting to school on their own via their bikes.  We'll see how well this arrangement works when the rainy season comes this winter and Lanette needs our one vehicle to get herself up to Fremantle.