Boys with end of season trophiesIt's autumn and the baseball season is winding down.  Peter's team finished 3 weeks ago.  They struggled earlier in the season with inexperience and motivation and inadequate coaching.  But a mid-year coaching change brought some needed discipline and attention to fundamentals.

Peter ended up as the team's #1 starter, and since they only played once a week, he pitched in most of the games down the stretch.  In his last outing he went 4 innings from the start, striking out 6 and giving up one run.  His style is all about location and definitely not speed - but he had a very good ball to strike ratio.  Peter made big strides in his batting this year, becoming much more confident and consistently getting the bat on the ball.  Next year he's expecting to play in the under-17 league.

Dane catchingKarl and Dane played their last game today.  Their regular season ended at the end of February, but their undefeated record in their league moved them on to a 4-team regional tournament.  Besides winning all of their regular season games, one of the highlights was the game when Karl started at pitcher with Dane catching.  Dane had caught for a couple of years in the states, but our coach here (a catcher still himself).  They lost today to Perth in a close 5-2 game.  They hadn't faced any competition like this during the season and surprised themselves with a close game.  Dane scored the first run of the game by taking a walk, advancing from 1st to 3rd when the catcher tried to pick him off first and threw it into right field, and then scoring on a single.  Karl had a big throw from right field on the fly to home to stop a runner from scoring.  They've benefited from having a great coach this year and look forward to one more year together in Little League next season.