Dave Walker cartoonToday is March 21, 2009.  My last post here was one month ago. New posts to this web site have been a long time coming as I have had an incredibly busy beginning of a new school year.  My inbox has been overflowing for many weeks now (sorry to those awaiting replies), I haven't been to my Facebook page for weeks, and I just couldn't justify taking time to update this web site.  This cartoon seems to sum up the condition (click on the cartoon to enlarge it).  Here's a brief on what's been happening down here:
  • Autumn (not "fall") officially began here on March 1.
  • The new school year started on 2 February with Peter in Year 10 (Senior School), Karl in Year 6 (Middle School) and Dane in Year 4 (Junior School).
  • We've completed Week 7 of the 10-week first term of the school year.
  • Much of April will be a school holiday (10-29 April) exactly matching the much anticipated visit by my mum.
  • The hot summer is behind us which means the end of the dry season and now tops of 80° to 90°F.
  • Our lawn took a beating in the summer heat leaving much work to be done through the winter (if you want to call it "winter") to  revive it.
  • We celebrated Peter's 15th birthday on 14 March.
  • Baseball season ended today for the boys.
  • The AFL Aussie Rules Football season is beginning next week.
  • Lanette is into her second month of her new job as physiotherapy assistant at Kaleeya Hospital in Fremantle.
  • The global economic downturn is trickling into Australia with much less impact it seems than in the States, although unemployment has "jumped" to 4.2% in Western Australia.
  • One response by the Aussie government to stimulate the economy is to give schools heaps of money - thus $3 million of free money is coming to our school this year to be used to build a multi-purpose room.
  • I recently completed a new web site design for our church (http://rmlp.org).
  • I've been working to address the issue of "cyberbullying" in our senior school with the writing of a series of homeroom devotional activities and an upcoming parent information night.
  • We've rolled out 148 new laptops (thanks to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's program for schools).
  • I'm serving on our church council now.
  • I'll be a delegate at the synodical convention for our Lutheran Church of Australia's Western Australian District next weekend.
  • Daylight Savings Time ends in WA next weekend. We'll be back to 13 hours ahead of US Central Time.  DST may never happen again here, as a referendum in May will decide its future in WA after this 3-year trial.  Surveys are hinting the majority doesn't like it.
Thanks to everyone that's kept check the web site for new news - and finding nothing.  I'll try to be more frequent with posts soon again.