Warnbro sunsetIt's been over a month since my last post to this website (on Christmas Day).  Where did January go?

To orient those living in the Northern Hemisphere... January to Australians is like July is to you.  This is summer, although climate-wise the hottest days can be still ahead of us in February and March (the hottest temp so far has been 42°C - 107.6°F).  Kids and teachers are on holiday in between school years (about 6 weeks from mid-December to the end of January).  Australia Day with picnics and fireworks (the equivalent to the US 4th of July national celebration) is on the 26th of January.

So, with school starting on Monday (1st February), we're looking back on 6 weeks of summer that flew past awfully quickly.  First we had Christmas and the preparations that led up to it, and Boxing Day.  Then Mike and Lori and the girls came for their visit, followed by our quick camping trip to the south coast.  And now I'm scrambling to be ready for a new school year.  I normally speak very highly of our school schedule here with 2-week holidays spaced every 10 weeks during the year, but I do miss the 3 months between American school years compared to our 6 weeks.

I've got heaps of news and photos to post on the web site to catch up everyone with our summer activities.  While being busy with prep for the school, I'll still try to chip away at this task over the next weeks.