After taking about 5 weeks off during the summer holidays, baseball training and games have resumed for the boys.  Peter's team has played two games now, while Karl and Dane's first game back will be this Friday.  Karl and Dane's team has been undefeated since the beginning of the season in October.  In fact, their only loss in the last two seasons was a game added after the end of the season last year to challenge the best team in Perth.

Peter's team has had its struggles all season as they've moved up to a higher level of competition but are playing with many underage players.  However, they almost pulled off a big upset yesterday.  Earlier in the season they had lost to Waneroo, 35-0.  Yesterday they held close trailing only 7-6 late in the game, only to lose 10-7 to Waneroo.  Peter had 3 throw-outs from 3rd base and batted 1 for 4.

Rockingham baseball 30th anniversaryEarly in December the Rockingham Baseball Club commemorated it's 30th anniversary with a gathering of founding players and current players of all levels (current players in the photo including the boys and their coach who also plays on one of the men's teams).  Stories were told of the struggles to get the club going in an area where baseball isn't too popular and fields aren't so common.  However, nowadays the club has 3 well-groomed diamonds and their own clubhouse building complete with lockerrooms, concessions kitchen, functions room and a bar.  This year there are 4 mens teams and 4 youth teams.  The club is still compete for kids against cricket and t-ball (played through age 15!), but there's lots of hope for future success when they look at what's happening at Karl and Dane's level.