As we did last year on Australia Day (26th January), we went to Perth to watch the SkyWorks fireworks show again this year.  We were so wowed by the fireworks last year that we had to go again this year.  Peter had missed it last year but was able to come along this time.  Australia Day commemorates the first landing of convict settlers in Sydney Harbour in 1788, but it very much has the feeling of the US 4th of July mid-summer picnic in the park or at the beach celebration.

This year we chose a different viewing location.  Last year we found ourselves amidst the rough young crowd on the south foreshore of the Swan River (even though it's officially a non-alcoholic event).  So this year we took the train to King's Park and found a much more family friendly crowd.  The view wasn't nearly as good as last year, but as you can see from my panoramic photo (stitched together from 3 photos), it was still a remarkable 30-minute fireworks display performed to music.


Perth's Australia Day 2010