Swan River - PerthI know it's been hard for those experiencing serious winter weather in the US to accept the global warming theories (not to mention the recurring reports of errors in their research).  But if you're looking for data to bolster the warming data, come on down to Perth!

According to news reports this past week, we're on track to call this both the hottest and driest summer ever in Perth... and the next days may be the hottest last week of February ever with tops forecasted to be from 36°C to 42°C (97°F to 108°F).  Really, though, it hasn't felt like a record hot summer.  It's just that the average high each day as been a consistent 32°C (90°F) without any lengthy run of days in the high 30s... until this week.  Today was 38°C but a typically dry 20% humidity.  We're not whinging one bit about living in this climate!

We've officially recorded a mere 0.2 mm of rain since the beginning of summer (officially December 1st the way they mark the calendar in Australia).  Note that that's not 2 millimetres but two-tenths of a millimetre, or about the width of one of the "l"s in millimetre.  For the purposes of weather recordkeeping, they close the books on summer at the end of February here.  The forecasters say the only thing that might fall into the gauges this week is dust so it's likely we'll easily better the previous dry record of just 0.8 mm in 1974-75.

So, what will we be doing in the heat this weekend.  Well, it's a long weekend in Australia with Monday being Labour Day.  On Friday, Peter and I will be at our Senior School's swimming carnival all day at the outdoor 50m pool across the oval from our campus. For those in the U.S., a "carnival" is a sports festival, and, in this case, involves all of our Senior School students competing in swimming competitions.  I'm in charge of keeping the data on the computers.  We'll keep our feet in the water as much as possible with the forecast top of 40°C.  Karl will have his Middle School swimming carnival next Wednesday.

Both on Saturday and then again on Sunday, we'll be watching two of Karl's baseball games each day.  Dane and Karl's team played their last scheduled game last weekend (undefeated for the season).  Now Karl is playing for the "charter" team of kids from all the teams they played against.  This is the beginning of a series of competitions that would end up at the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania (sorry, no chance for our guys to go that far!).  Then Peter also has a game Saturday afternoon, so that will make 5 games in the sun over the weekend.

Notes about the photos shown here... Last weekend, Karl and Dane's opponents failed to show for the last scheduled baseball game.  So the parents and siblings jumped out on the field to play against them.  Following the game, we all went to a brunch in the park to celebrate our Pastor Mike's 50th birthday.  This was at a beautiful park at Point Heathcote overlooking the Swan River and the Perth CBD whilst the Saturday afternoon sailboat races were underway as usual.  Lanette estimated that we could over 150 sailboats on the river.