boys baseball awardsLast Saturday, the boys' Rockingham Rams gave out their season-ending awards. The "imports", as Coach Thommo refers to our boys, walked away with some nice trophies.

Both of the teams had a players' award voted on by the team members that went to very deserving boys.  The club also awards a coach's trophy which is what Peter (for the Under-17 team) and Karl (for the Little League team) are holding in the photo at right.  It's quite an honour for them to receive these from their coaches and it says alot about both their effort and their achievements.  And, of course, Dane had a great year also (holding his participation trophy in the photo).

The awards ceremony came after Karl and Dane's team played a final game of the season against the other Rockingham Little League team.  Our guys won 7-6 with Dane scoring the winning run in the last innings.  (We're getting used to saying "innings" which is a borrowed term from cricket that's carried over to baseball here.)  The win preserved the perfect season for our team.  Last year these guys only lost a final game that was setup after the season to challenge the best team from up in the city of Perth.

Karl for PeelKarl still has one more weekend of games left.  He's playing on the Peel charter team, which consists of players from each of the teams in the charter (league).  This will be a tournament over Easter weekend in Perth that determines which team takes the next step towards the national tournament and onwards in the Little League system.  Considering how the Peel team did a couple of weeks ago in a round robin series with the other teams, Karl's team isn't likely to advance unfortunately.  But he's glad to have a few extra games in his season.

Karl and Dane's solid team will be split up next year as about half of them are moving up to the next level, including Karl.  So we might have boys on 3 different teams, but Peter isn't sure if he'll play or focus on school.