Car jacking in RockinghamOnce again, Rockingham makes world news headlines... If you were watching Fox News back in the States on Thursday, America's Newsroom showed a video from Australia of a wild car chase.  A very scary aboriginal man car-jacked 3 cars whilst on a chase between Perth, Fremantle and Rockingham.  Rockingham is about 45 km from Perth and Fremantle.  When you watch the video from the police helicopter linked below, and see the man run from one car and jump into another (clip from video at right), that happened at a major intersection near our main shopping centre in Rockingham. At that time, Lanette and Dane were at a school swimming carnival just a couple of kilometres away (not at the swimming pool next to our school).

To top the story, the police caught the man eventually after he crashed the third car.  They took him to hospital in Perth, and then he managed to escape causing a huge manhunt with several suburbs going into lockdown mode until they found him.

See the video here.

Read the news story here.