Boys boardingFor the third consecutive January, we went on a summer camping holiday to the Southern Ocean coast with our friends, the Fulwoods and the Currins.  This year we ventured a little further away, driving about 9 hours to the southeast to Esperance, Western Australia.  After one night at an Esperance motel, we camped 6 nights at scenic Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grande National Park.  Being a very popular place with a rather small tent camping area, we arrived at 9:00am to catch a spot being vacated - and were lucky to be the only ones getting in on the day.

(Click here to view several panoramic photos from Lucky Bay and Esperance)

We spent most of our time around our camp site and Lucky Bay.  The kids played in the crystal clear blue waters - especially the first days when it was warmer.  Karl, in particular, had a blast catching waves with the body board. Karl and Dane also had a couple of late nights fishing on the beach, catching salmon trout and herring (note that what Australians call salmon trout and herring are not the same as in North America).  We also spent heaps of time playing card games with the Fulwoods and Currins (Wizard, Phase 10 and Monopoly Deal).

We did some hiking and even summited a challenging Frenchman's Peak for fantastic views of the coast near Lucky Bay.

On our few 45 minute trips into Esperance for ice and groceries, we also drove the scenic coastline, shopped and browsed the local history museum (a true highlight for the boys who insisted we go in).

Peter took advantage of the great opportuniites for shooting photos. We'll post links to his photos here soon.

The weather was very nice.  Western Australians head to the south coast in the summer to escape the heat (it had been up to 104°F several times in the week or so before we left).  Although it was an unusual 106°F when we arrived in Esperance, it otherwise stayed cool in the 80s for most of the week, with several blue sky days.  It only rained on the last night at the camp site which didn't really cause any inconvenience.

Click here to open a Google Map in a new window and interact with it to view various landmarks and some photos. (Below here is a screenshot of the map)

Google Map