So, did you Americans have a think about this phrase from my post a few days ago?


"WAFC Year 8 & 9 Schoolboys' Lightning Carnival Shield"


Karl playing footyWhat is it that Karl is keen to participate in?  Let's break it down one bit at a time.

"WAFC" = West Australian Football Commission, the body that oversees all AFL footy competitions in our state

"Year" = In the States, you would write "Grade 8 & 9", but levels in school in Australia are "Years"

"Schoolboys" = too obvious probably, but in the US I don't remember referring to boys in school as schoolboys; they rarely use "alumni" in Australia, but former students are called "Old Boys"

"Lightning" = a shortened form of a competition or tournament, for example, fewer or shorter periods might be played

"Carnival" = a gathering to participate in a sporting event either intra-school our inter-school, like our school's traditional Swimming Carnival, Cross Country Carnival and Athletics Carnival (track & field)

"Shield" = a recurring competition, the award for winning which is often a shield-shaped varnished piece of wood on which each winner's name is placed


So, what's Karl doing? He's been invited to play on our school's Aussie Rules Football team that will be competing with other schools.  They will have a lightning carnival on 28 June that will be a full day away from school.  Karl's team will play several shortened games of footy against each of the other schools.  This will set up the pairings for when the competition recommences for a grand final day of games in September.