Whilst out on our oval watching Dane's schoolboys footy team, I took this panoramic photo of the east side of the Living Waters campus.  On the left is our new Vlahov Centre with it's theatre stage and gym.  We just opened it a couple of months ago.  It was a $2.5 million gift from the Australian government as part of the global financial crisis stimulus plan.  In the centre of the photo is our science building and to the right is the senior school.  The students on the outdoor courts are playing "netball" - a very popular game in Australia, especially for girls.

Gym panorama


The new gym has been named after Dr. Len Vlahov who is recognised as the main driver in the group of people that worked to create Living Waters Lutheran College.  He had been a gifted athlete who competed internationally as a discus thrower and at the highest level of basketball in Western Australia.  He was also a musician and a lecturer in education at the University of Western Australia.  As he battled cancer, he continued to lay the groundwork for the college before passing away just days after the school's first year opening day in February 1997.  Len's wife, Eva, and son, Andrew, were on hand for the opening of the gym.  Son Andrew is a one of the best known Western Australian athletes as he played Olympic basketball for Australia in the 1990's and was the long-time captain of Perth's professional basketball team.

The Vlahov Centre also provides the college with a new theatrical stage that will be very adequate for our senior school dramas and other public performances.