Peter's photo with his prom date was published in the Perth newspaper, The West Australian, this week.  You can view the slideshow of Living Waters students here - Peter and Kirsty are in the second photo.  Three of his good mates are in the first photo.

"Prom" is the American term for what they more often refer to here as the "formal" or "ball".

Looking again at Peter's prom photos, I was reminded of how much he has grown up since leaving Minnesota.  Compare the photo of us at the Minneapolis airport when we left in 2008 and then his formal photo with me now in 2011.  I must have been standing on a tuft of grace in the formal photo since he definitely is taller than me (5'10").  My "gray" is just bad lighting I think.

Peter in 2008 Peter in 2011
April 2008 March 2011