Rainbow lorikeet in a flame tree in FremantleLanette's been watching these beautifully coloured birds in an Erythrina "flame" tree near her workplace in Fremantle.  She eventually took a camera to work and captured these photos to share.  According to a news article at Science Network Western Australia, these rainbow lorikeets are pests not native to Perth.  They were accidentally released from the University of Western Australia in the 1960s.  In the same article, Maxinne Sclanders describes how these noisy birds are a big problem:

"The WA public has reported a number of problems caused by lorikeets in Perth including noise, damage to many backyard fruit crops, fouling of outdoor areas and vehicles with droppings, and competition with other species," Ms Sclanders said.

"The large flock that roosts at Perth Airport may also pose a bird-strike risk to aircraft."

Environmentally, their aggressive protection of feeding and nesting sites excludes native species and potentially increases the risks of spreading into wild and captive parrot populations diseases such as Psittacine beak and feather disease.

These rainbow lorikeets look a bit like the 28's (ringneck parrots) that we often have in our yard.

See more photos of the rainbow lorikeets in the photo gallery here

(I wanted Lanette to write this post, but she's not so into blogging.)