KarlFor the second year in a row, Karl has raced over in South Australia at the Australian International Pedal Prix Race, earning a "top gun" spot on his team again.  Karl's team of 12 alternated to keep their "breakaWAy" bike out on the track for 24 hours.  For the final 90 minutes, the 4 best performing riders from the team ("top guns") are chosen to ride out the remaining chase to the finish.  Karl has been training for this since March.

I went along for the 3rd year as a chaperone, pit crew member and to manage all of our communications while being 1,600km away from home, including our website and live video broadcasts (me on the left in photo below).  I think we posted around 350 photos and did about 7 hours of live video broadcasting.  You can view the site at http://lwlcpedalprix.com.

Karl will be returning by bus tomorrow evening.  I rode the 36 hour one-way bus ride to Adelaide last week and flew home right after the race.