The AFL Grand Final is tomorrow afternoon (Saturday). This is the Australian equivalent to the NFL Super Bowl, always played at the venerable Melbourne Cricket Ground.  Clearly the two best Aussie rules footy sides from the season have made it through the finals to verse each other - Colingwood Magpies v. Geelong Cats.  The Collingwood club is comparable to the New York Yankees in history, arrogance and influence - so unless you are a Collingwood member, you barrack for whomever their opponent is.

We'll share in the festivities with friends from church in a big shed with a big screen.  Last year the Grand Final ended in a tie (no overtime allowed for in the rulebook), so both teams came back to play a new game the following week.  Collingwood won and so are back to get a double this year.  Meat Loaf is performing at halftime.  Last year they had to scramble to find entertainment for the replay of the Grand Final - and found Lionel Richie.

A feature story in the Sydney Morning Herald explained the growing presence of Aussie rules footy in the States, and highlighted the Minnesota Freeze club showing them training in the snow.  I'm sure Dane and Karl would love to have a chance to play back in the States.  Click here to see the video that accompanied the SMH story.