Family at Warnbro beachWith summer approaching and school term holidays here, we're more in the mood to head to our beach again.  Peter, Dane, Lanette and I went out for the sunset a couple of nights ago (right) - something Peter and I still have difficulties leaving the cameras behind for.  So there's more sunset photos here to view.

Dane especially has been itching to get in the water for a swim.  He couldn't convince anyone to get in today.  We're really at least a month away from most sane people jumping in, though Dane and I will probably go sometime in the next week. (There are locals who do their early morning swim year around.)

Yesterday Karl and Dane saw a metre-long dugite snake on the beach path while riding their bikes.  Today the two of them saw a blue-tongue ("bobtail") lizard near the beach, and Karl road his bike over a foot-long snake.  All the signs of summer arriving soon.